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Ear Bud Cleaning Putty


[EASY TO USE]:Put the cleaning putty on your airpods, speaker grill or phone charge port, then press it and pull it off, all the ear wax & dust will be removal. Put the soft bristle brushes into the groove of the Airpods, cell phone headphone charge port, and tweezers to clip small dirt out, also with cloth to sweep the surface dust off.

[ANTI-STATIC DESIGN]: You can clean your AirPods and other electronics thoroughly without leaving fibers behind, and you do not need to handle static electricity and fluff. Let you have a brand new Airpods or Headphone.

[WIDELY USED]: Several sizes of different functions cleaning set. Get rid of the dust and grime on your iPhone, AirPods case. Apply for phone, phone por, airpod pro, airpod 1, airpod 2, headphone and phone speaker, keyboard, screen and so on. Effective cleaning kit for your electronic devices dust. make your electronic device away from sand , dirt and debris.

EFFECTIVE CLEANING KIT]:A must have for anyone owning AirPods. The great design cleaning tools which are economized labor and help clean with hard to reach areas or any other hygienic dead corners. Comes with a storage bucket for easy storage and use.