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Microfiber Glove Wipes For Your Home


Easy to use: Our artisan dusting mitt have a suitable thickness, and you can use them to wipe small corners and crevices. Not only can it help you pick up dust, but it can also scratch cat and dog hair to keep your home clean and tidy.

Double dust removal function: No need to shake the dust collector or clean microfiber gloves, furniture dust cloth and rags, our dust cleaning gloves can remove dust for a long time. You can wear gloves to remove dust in multiple places, which improves the utilization rate of your gloves.

Wide usage scenarios: microfiber dusting cloths dust wipes are very suitable for air conditioning outlets, window sash slots, blinds, lighting equipment, furniture, keyboards, ceiling fans, etc. Compared to using a rag or paper towel, our artisan dusting mitt can pick up dust efficiently and easily.