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Vegetable Cutting Board With Storage

INDEPENDENT FOOD STORAGE SYSTEM: This organic bamboo cutting board makes chopping vegetables enjoyable and easy, and the sturdy surface ensures long-term durability without causing excessive wear and tear on the utensils. And wood cutting board comes with plastic organizing trays, made of high-quality plastic, easy to use. The cutting board has handles on both sides designed to allow you to easily lift and transfer food.

NO BOTTOM BOARD&THICKENED CHIP: Do you have trouble with drawers that are difficult to extract and use? The obvious advantage of our cutting board design over competing products is the bottomless design, which makes the pulling process smooth so that it will be easy to use when using the drawer. At the same time, both side panels of our bamboo cutting board are made of thickened bamboo board, which is more shockproof, stable and gripping.

SPACE SAVING&NO MORE MESSY KITCHEN: Juice grooves catch excess liquid protecting your counters and workspace. The bamboo cutting board with tray is designed for cutting cheese, meat, chopping vegetables or preparing dishes. Chop them up and store them by pulling out the tray and then sliding them into the tray for quick serving, no more separate bowls and cluttered counters. By using these trays, the countertop is kept neat and tidy.

NATURAL ORGANIC BAMBOO&PERFECT SERVICE: Our factory was established in 1995 and is the source factory for producing and processing bamboo material. Our cutting boards are made of natural organic bamboo. Compared to fragile and unhealthy plastics, bamboo is BPA free, formaldehyde free, and ocean friendly.